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Up until now, the base distribution of poker publications has been through card rooms. thus limiting readership to individuals who actually frequent card rooms. Authorities in the gaming industry estimate that only 20% of the 50-million poker players in the USA regularly visit a card room or have ready access to these facilities. This leaves a virgin, untouched market in the USA alone of at least 40-million poker players  - a market that is growing exponentially on a daily basis.

American Poker Player Magazine Distribution

In addition to shipping the American Poker Player Magazine publication free-of-charge to major card rooms in the USA, they also exclusively distribute to private home games, poker leagues and bar leagues throughout the United States and Canada.

The American Poker Player Magazine are constantly expanding their distribution to the vast number of fraternal organizations sponsoring charity poker tournaments. They  distribute to more than a thousand Veterans Administration Hospitals and Clinics throughout the United States and their magazine can be found in public libraries, charity poker venues, poker camps, doctor and dentist waiting rooms plus retail outlets. This also dramatically multiplies the exposure of each issue to a number far greater than any standard pass-along program.

The core the distribution network was developed over a two-year period and reaches deep into the heart of poker country - directly to home game promoters. In order to receive FREE copies, the promoters agreed to maintain some of the copies as house-copies, which are to remain at the game site from week-to-week.

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